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OCIM’s Approach

Risk Management as our Core

At OCIM, we believe a well-constructed and diversified portfolio will outperform the markets and protect our client’s capital in difficult times, which is why we are devoted to capitalizing on opportunities to advance our performance. Disciplined risk management is a component of our investment process deeply ingrained in our methodologies. We seek out proprietary financial models and best risk management practices that seek to strengthen our approach.

A Dedicated Risk Team

Our Risk Committee comprises of investment professionals who are veterans with combined investment and market experience of over 50 years. We are committed to protecting our client’s capital in challenging markets and oversees the risk management of our strategies.

Dynamic Allocation

The core strategy relies on dynamic allocation among the various asset classes deploying both fundamental and discretional analysis along with multiple layers of risk management, including a stop-loss policy which seeks to mitigate downside risk and independent risk monitoring at the firm level.

Defined Risk Parameters

The risk management committee provides oversight and due diligence on the impact of potential trades on the portfolio’s risk and stress exposures. They will define risk assumed at the fund, strategy and portfolio manager level. Stress tests are done periodically, verifying the risk tolerances that have predetermined.