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We follow the investment strategy that is broadly diversified and global in scope to seek for risk-adjusted return for our investors and partners.

Global Macro Strategy

Zhongwei OC Global Macro Investment Fund

Investment methodology of Zhongwei OC is Macro-fundamental based, combined with quantitative and technical analyses.

i. Macro-fundamental based foreign exchange trading strategies
Investment decision of this group is made based on research into main countries’ macro-fundamental statistics, monetary policies, and fiscal policies. Alternatively, the strategy may from time to time make forecasts of upcoming major economic events, based on which the strategy will make mid-term event-driven investment decisions.

ii. Quantitative ETFs and derivatives strategies
Investment decisions of this group are made based on modern portfolio theories putting into practice. The main strategy monitors the market regime switching and decides the best candidates from dozens of quantitative sub strategies that fits the current market regime.

Fund Manager:

Ding Zhongxin

M.Phil Economic Research, on track for Ph.D. in Economics (University of Cambridge)
M.Sc Operations Research, Financial Engineering (Columbia University)
B.Sc Mathematics with Statistics for Finance (First Class Honors) (Imperial College London)

Zhongxin Ding has established a hedge fund, Zhongwei Global Macro, in Dec 2017 where he served as Chief Macro Investment Officer and Founding Partner.
Zhongxin has been running a portfolio focusing on Foreign Exchange and Commodity trading since 2014. He has developed an ingenious strategy which combines long-term business cycle based investment with short-term dynamic hedging in order to achieve a more balanced risk-reward path. Previously, He has also worked at CITIC Securities where he was involved in developing quantitative arbitrage strategies and CDH Investment where he was involved in the founding process of several investment funds.

Kong Jiaming

M.Sc Operations Research, Financial Engineering (Columbia University)
B.Sc Economics (Honorary Graduate of Zhu Kezhen College) (Zhejiang University)

Jiaming joined Zhongwei Global Macro in Dec 2017 where he served as a strategist and trader. He is responsible for constructing the quantitative trading and risk system in the fund.
Jiaming had worked in a boutique hedge fund on Wall Street since 2014 as a quantitative trader. He has experience in building fully automated computer systems for fund operations and trading. He helped set up and managed a US-based mutual fund as well as a European UCITS (Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities).

Fund of Fund Strategy

OC Silk Road Fund

OC Silk Road currently mainly invests into Renaissance Institutional Equity Fund (RIEF) L.P.

RIEF L.P. invests solely in US-listed equities using a quantitative long-biased methodology, with the aim to produce a higher Sharpe ratio than the S&P 500 with a beta of 0.4 or less. The fund employs an automated proprietary set of statistical models for price forecasting, risk estimation and cost calculation which get fed through their internal trade generation algorithm to produce a portfolio designed to be net long 100% with modest leverage. Renaissance approach investing as a scientific problem which human acumen, advanced mathematical and statistical methods, and state-of-the-art technology are well-suited to address.

Underlying Fund Manager

Renaissance Technologies LLC 

Renaissance Technologies is a global top quantitative investment management company trading in global financial markets, dedicated to producing exceptional returns for its investors by strictly adhering to mathematical and statistical methods.