• Building The Wealth Management Bridge Between East & West

  • Rigorous Regulation & Risk Management Controls

  • Capitalizing Global Opportunities & Potential Markets

  • Empowering Individual Financials & Family Legacy

  • Advanced Quantitative Analysis & Technological Platforms

Overseas Chinese Investment Management (OCIM) is a globally-focused investment management company. We focus on quantitative strategy development and fund management.

OCIM is a registered fund manager supervised by Monetary Authority of Singapore.

OCIM Global Master Fund is an open-ended master-feeder fund that accepts non-US accredited investors only.

If you are an accredited individual or institutional investor with an interest in OCIM, kindly contact us with your enquiry.


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Our team brings together many years of expertise and experience in building wealth and we look forward to serving you and your family towards achieving your financial goals and dreams through a variety of innovative wealth management services.